(Хинди) Rupert Snell - Teach Yourself - Beginner's Hindi Script [2003, PDF]

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(Хинди) Rupert Snell - Teach Yourself - Beginner's Hindi Script [2003, PDF]

Сообщение Sid » 11 авг 2013, 18:23

Teach Yourself Beginner's Hindi Script

Год выпуска: 2003
Автор: Rupert Snell
Жанр: Учебное пособие
Издательство: Hodder&Stoughton
Серия: TY Beginner's Scripts
ISBN: 9780340860229
Формат: PDF
Качество: Отсканированные страницы
Количество страниц: 162

Описание: The Hindi Script - called Devanagari - is a beautifully logical writing system. Its phonetic arrangement makes it quite easy to learn, and once you know the basic four dozen (or so) characters, you will be well on your way to reading the signs, posters, notices, street names, signposts and advertisements that are part of the everyday scene in North India. "Beginner's Hindi Script" introduces Devanagari in the traditional order. The characters are introduced one by one in phonetic groups, steadily building up your ability to read and write. The book also gives you some information on the cultural orientation of the language, explaining where Hindi belongs in the history of Indian languages, and showing where its words come from. There are hints for authentic handwriting skills and plenty of exercises throughout so that you can practise what you've learnt. Examples from real-life signs, notices and advertisements show you the language in context. The book is intended for beginners who are starting to learn Hindi from scratch, and who need guidance in pronunciation as well as in reading and writing.
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