[Lynda.com] Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Advanced [2012, ENG]

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[Lynda.com] Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Advanced [2012, ENG]

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Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Advanced

Год выпуска: 2012
Производитель: Lynda.com
Автор: Deke McClelland
Продолжительность: 11:02 ч
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: This course is the third in a four-part series devoted to mastering the premiere graphics creation application, Adobe Illustrator, version CS6. Industry pro Deke McClelland takes a project-based learning approach to the key features in Illustrator, including Recolor Artwork, transparency, masks, blend modes, strokes and fills, and dynamic effects. The course also covers techniques for creating custom gradients, designing logos, generating photorealistic neon text, and wrapping type around objects. Plus, Deke shows how to call up the most essential features by organizing your workspace and employing time-saving keyboard shortcuts, how to manage the color settings, and how to adjust a few settings to make the program work even better.

Topics include:
  • Installing dekeKeys, Deke's free custom keyboard shortcuts
    Understanding the color-managed workflow
    Creating a multicolor blend
    Establishing a clipping mask
    Blending different levels of opacity
    Combining a letterform with a path outline
    Warping logo type around a circle
    Adding neon blur and bokeh in Photoshop
    Mixing and matching color harmonies
    Recoloring artwork
    Working with the Calligraphic, Scatter, and Art Brushes
    Creating translucency
    Editing attributes in the Appearance panel
  • Adjusting and updating dynamic effects
22. Shortcuts and Settings 43m 9s
Welcome to One-on-One 2m 9s
Introducing my custom keyboard shortcuts 6m 52s
Installing my dekeKeys shortcuts on Windows 4m 46s
Installing my dekeKeys shortcuts on the Mac 4m 18s
Remapping your Macintosh OS shortcuts 3m 10s
Adjusting a few key Preferences settings 8m 13s
Understanding the color-managed workflow 6m 51s
Establishing the optimal Color Settings 6m 50s
23. Blends and Masks1h 11m
Illustrator's oldest dynamic functions 1m 28s
Creating a multicolor blend 7m 12s
Establishing a clipping mask 5m 40s
Reinstating the colors of a clipping path 8m 1s
Editing individual blended paths 4m 44s
Adjusting the number of steps in a blend 7m 15s
Fixing problems with the Blend tool 4m 2s
Blending different levels of opacity 4m 45s
Editing the spine of a blend 5m 3s
Adding a custom spine to any blend 5m 5s
Advanced blending and masking techniques 6m 18s
Blending between entire groups 3m 2s
Adjusting the speed of a blend 3m 21s
Rotating objects in 3D space (Photoshop Extended only) 5m 36s
24. Logos and Specialty Text1h 0m
Illustrator's logo-making features 1m 8s
Customizing a single character of type 5m 25s
Combining a letterform with a path outline 7m 48s
Creating logo type along an open path 5m 3s
Creating logo type around a closed circle 3m 57s
Vertical alignment, orientation, and spacing 4m 55s
Warping logo type around a circle 6m 56s
Creating a classic neon type effect 5m 39s
Adding random neon brightness fluctuations 5m 19s
Creating neon "block outs" between letters 7m 44s
Adding neon blur and bokeh in Photoshop 6m 16s
25. The Color Guide Panel46m 19s
Generating colors using harmony rules 1m 31s
Introducing the Color Guide panel 5m 16s
The 23 color harmony rules, diagrammed 8m 16s
Mixing and matching color harmonies 5m 59s
Color groups and custom harmony rules 6m 18s
Working in the Edit Colors dialog box 7m 4s
Expanding on an existing harmony rule 6m 51s
Constraining colors to a predefined library 5m 4s
26. Recoloring Artwork32m 44s
Changing lots of colors all at once 1m 2s
Introducing the Recolor Artwork command 4m 58s
Recoloring with the help of swatch groups 4m 35s
Changing the color-assignment order 6m 44s
Reducing the number of colors in your art 5m 7s
Applying tints and shades of a single swatch 5m 37s
Recoloring artwork that contains gradients 4m 41s
27. Calligraphic, Scatter, and Art Brushes1h 15m
Painting with path outlines 1m 24s
Introducing the Brushes panel 4m 25s
Applying and editing a calligraphic brush 7m 34s
Applying and scaling an art brush 6m 12s
Applying and editing a scatter brush 5m 31s
Formatting and scaling brushed text 5m 45s
Designing a custom art brush 7m 35s
Creating (or replacing) an art brush 6m 42s
Refining a brush to fit ends and corners 4m 11s
Expanding, filling, and stroking a brush 7m 4s
Type on a path vs. text as an art brush 7m 3s
Distorting text with the Width tool 8m 49s
Infusing your artwork with a tile pattern 3m 13s
28. Transparency and Blend Modes58m 24s
The many forms of transparency 1m 38s
Creating translucency with the Opacity value 4m 21s
Darken, Multiply, and Color Burn 6m 15s
Lighten, Screen, and Color Dodge 5m 8s
Overlay, Soft Light, Hard Light, Difference, and Exclusion 4m 59s
Hue, Saturation, Color, and Luminosity 5m 12s
Combining the effects of multiple blend modes 6m 42s
Isolating blending and Knockout Group 7m 37s
Combining blend modes with dynamic effects 7m 25s
Exporting transparency from Illustrator 9m 7s
29. The Appearance Panel1h 39m
The Layers panel for dynamic attributes 1m 4s
Applying attributes in the Appearance panel 6m 15s
Creating depth using translucent strokes 5m 37s
Adding, layering, and offsetting strokes 6m 12s
Duplicating entire groups of attributes 7m 55s
Turning stacked strokes into editable paths 5m 43s
Simplifying a multi-stroke effect 6m 31s
Applying the Convert to Shape effect 7m 47s
Adding aligned patterns and shadows 8m 16s
Drawing with arrowheads and angled strokes 8m 49s
Employing overlapping gradient strokes 8m 25s
Drawing circular stroke elements 10m 13s
Outlining an entire multi-stroke effect 8m 39s
Creating seamless wood grain in Photoshop 8m 11s
30. Dynamic Effects1h 12m
The best features in Illustrator 1m 38s
Repeating a series of transformations 6m 18s
Adjusting and updating a dynamic effect 6m 37s
Applying a stroke to an entire layer 6m 24s
Improving the performance of drop shadows 5m 40s
Applying a single effect multiple times 6m 10s
Creating an intricate Spirograph pattern 7m 10s
Adding scalloped edges with Pucker & Bloat 4m 40s
Applying a dynamic Pathfinder to a layer 3m 56s
Creating beveled ornaments 6m 50s
Creating a sculptural type effect 5m 59s
Subtracting editable text from a path 7m 6s
Editing text inside a dynamic effect 4m 25s
31. Graphic Styles27m 40s
Never remember anything again, ever 1m 41s
The pixel-based Effect Gallery 3m 53s
Copying effects from one layer to another 4m 44s
Introducing the Graphic Styles panel 4m 11s
Correcting previews in the Effect Gallery 4m 36s
Adjusting the resolution of your effects 4m 0s
Combining and saving graphic styles 4m 35s
32. Combining the Powers of Illustrator and Photoshop1h 13m
Two powerful graphics programs combine forces 1m 5s
Creating a perfectly centered star shape 6m 52s
Precisely scaling concentric circles 7m 47s
Adding reflective highlights with the Flare tool 6m 23s
Two ways to rasterize vector art for Photoshop 7m 37s
Importing vector art as a Smart Object 6m 47s
Creating a lens flare effect in Photoshop 7m 56s
Photographic texture and brushed highlights 6m 26s
Modifying a vector Smart Object in Illustrator 6m 33s
Converting Illustrator paths to shape layers 6m 27s
Assign layer effects to native shape layers 5m 55s
Completing a work of photorealistic art 3m 46s
Conclusion1m 5s
Until next time 1m 5s
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