CBT Nuggets CompTIA Network+ 2009

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CBT Nuggets CompTIA Network+ 2009

Сообщение Nik » 22 сен 2013, 23:16

Производитель: CBT Nuggets
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: английский

Organizations worldwide depend on network administration to keep them up and running. CompTIA Network+ certification identifies you as someone with the fundamental network skills they're looking for.
It's the perfect way to either kick off your network admin career or improve on those networking skills you' already have.

It's also a terrific introduction to computer networking for business professionals of any stripe. Wouldn't it be great to know what your network admins are talking about?

This Michael Shannon training takes you wherever you want to go network-wise. In addition to being great prep for the CompTIA exam, it gives you the underlying skills you need for your next step into networking. Michael carefully shows you how to maintain, secure, troubleshoot, install, control and configure basic network infrastructure.

Throughout this video series you'll be:
  • Seeing live routers and firewalls in action
  • Learning how to use a packet sniffer and wireless information
This series maps to CompTIA Network+ certification. By the time you've finished watching you'll be ready to:
  • Take the exam
    Start implementing network equipment
  • Prep for other, vendor-specific networking certification (such as Cisco CCNA).
The 2009 Network+ exam is build on data collected by CompTIA in a 2008 worldwide survey.

The CompTIA Network+ video series contains:
  • Introduction to Network+
    Common Networking Protocols and Ports (Part 1)
    Common Networking Protocols and Ports (Part 2)
    TCP/IP Addressing (Part 1)
    TCP/IP Addressing (Part 2)
    TCP/IP Addressing (Part 3)
    Routing Concepts
    Routing Protocols
    Cables and Connectors
    Physical Network Topologies
    Wiring Distribution Components
    LAN Technologies
    WAN Technologies
    Wireless Technology
    Network Devices (Part 1)
    Network Devices (Part 2)
    Network Configuration Management
    Network Monitoring and Optimization
    Network Troubleshooting Methodologies
    Common Network Troubleshooting Issues
    Command-Line Tools
    Network Scanners
    IPSec VPN
    Tunneling and Encryption
    Remote Access
    User Authentication
    Device Management Security
    Common Threats and Mitigation
  • Hardware Tools
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