Network Troubleshooting Video Mentor [2010 г.] [2010, ENG]

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Network Troubleshooting Video Mentor [2010 г.] [2010, ENG]

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Network Troubleshooting Video Mentor [2010 г.]

Год выпуска: 2010
Производитель: Cisco Press
Сайт производителя:
Автор: Kevin Wallace
Продолжительность: около 7 часов
Язык: Английский

Network Troubleshooting Video Mentor is a unique video product that provides you with more than seven hours of personal visual instruction from best-selling author and senior instructor Kevin Wallace. In the 12 videos presented in this product, Kevin shows you common troubleshooting tasks on a wide variety of topics, including spanning tree, router redundancy, OSPF, EIGRP, route redistribution, BGP, IPv6, IOS security, DHCP, NAT, and VoIP. Designed to develop and enhance hands-on skills, each video guides you through some of the most common troubleshooting tasks on Cisco routers and switches and demonstrates how to verify that your network is working correctly.

Lab Layout:
Each video lab presents detailed objectives, lab diagrams, command tables, and video captures. Audio instruction throughout offers tips and shortcuts that truly make learning easy.

Network Animation:
Animated network diagrams show you lab setup, device addressing, and how traffic flows through the network.

CLI Video:
Video screen-casts of router CLI demonstrates command entry, configuration techniques, and device response.
Lesson 1: Spanning Tree Troubleshooting
Lesson 2: Router Redundancy Troubleshooting
Lesson 3: EIGRP Troubleshooting
Lesson 4: OSPF Troubleshooting
Lesson 5: Route Redistribution Troubleshooting
Lesson 6: BGP Troubleshooting
Lesson 7: IPv6 and OSPFv3 Troubleshooting
Lesson 8: IPv6 and RIPng Troubleshooting
Lesson 9: Cisco IOS Security Troubleshooting
Lesson 10: DHCP Troubleshooting
Lesson 11: NAT Troubleshooting
Lesson 12: VoIP Troubleshooting
Видео: Flash Video 1 800x600 [Video]
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz mono 96Kbps [Audio]
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