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Photoshop CC One-on-One: Intermediate

Год выпуска: 2013
Производитель: Lynda
Сайт производителя: lynda.com
Автор: Deke McClelland
Продолжительность: 9:53
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: Photoshop CC One-on-One is back, and this installment teaches you how to build on your basic knowledge and achieve next-level effects with this premiere image-editing program. Industry pro Deke McClelland shows you how to seamlessly move and patch areas of a photo with the Content-Aware toolset; stretch the brightness of a scene with automatic and custom Levels adjustments; create intricate designs with text and shapes; and morph an image with layer effects and transformations. Deke also shares his techniques for sharpening details, whether addressing noise and highlight/shadow clipping or camera shake, and converting a full-color image to black and white. The final chapters show you how to best print and save images for the web, making sure all your hard work pays off in the final output.

Продолжение серии "Один на один с фотошопом".
Introduction 2m 4s
Welcome to One-on-One 2m 4s

11. The Content-Aware Collection 29m 46s
The best of Photoshop automation 35s
Introducing the Patch tool 3m 43s
Using Content-Aware Patch 5m 42s
Retouching with Content-Aware Patch 2m 5s
Using the Content-Aware Move tool 3m 9s
Using Content-Aware Extend 2m 4s
The Content-Aware Scale command 6m 35s
Scaling in multiple passes 2m 22s
Protecting skin tones 3m 31s

12. Adjusting Levels 32m 55s
Editing the histogram 1m 50s
The new automatic Levels adjustment 4m 33s
Customizing a Levels adjustment 4m 53s
Understanding the Gamma value 2m 7s
Opening up the shadows 2m 48s
Previewing clipped pixels 3m 40s
Retouching with Output Levels 4m 25s
Making channel-by-channel adjustments 2m 19s
Faking a gray card in post 2m 51s
Assigning shortcuts to adjustment layers 3m 29s

13. Sharpening Details 57m 43s
How sharpening works 1m 38s
Introducing the Smart Sharpen filter 6m 56s
Understanding the Radius value 5m 20s
Gauging the best sharpening settings 5m 45s
Addressing color artifacts and clipping 5m 49s
The Remove and Reduce Noise options 4m 22s
The Shadows/Highlights options 7m 36s
Correcting for camera shake 6m 47s
Sharpening with the Emboss filter 5m 45s
Sharpening with the High Pass filter 4m 44s
Painting in sharpness 3m 1s

14. Creating and Formatting Text 1h 9m
Vector-based type 1m 35s
Creating and editing point text 5m 58s
Font and type style tricks 7m 10s
Type size and color tricks 6m 42s
Kerning and tracking characters 8m 7s
Creating and editing area text 3m 50s
Selecting and formatting paragraphs 6m 36s
Setting text inside a custom path 5m 32s
Creating text along a path 6m 12s
Adjusting baseline shift 4m 45s
Creating and stylizing a logo 6m 49s
Masking text into image elements 6m 14s

15. Drawing Shapes 1h 0m
The other vector-based layer 1m 39s
Dotted borders and corner roundness 8m 14s
Drawing and aligning custom shapes 3m 55s
Creating your own repeatable custom shape 5m 43s
Selecting paths and isolating layers 4m 11s
Combining simple shapes to make complex ones 5m 50s
Cropping, adjusting, and merging shapes 6m 22s
Creating a soft, synthetic sparkle 6m 42s
Saving a resolution-independent PDF file 8m 48s
Turning a small image into a huge one 8m 38s

16. Layer Effects 1h 14m
Depth, contour, and texture 1m 28s
Imparting depth with a layer effect 9m 9s
The power of the drop shadow 7m 37s
Modifying a layer and its effects 6m 21s
Saving custom default settings 4m 12s
Creating a custom contour 8m 5s
Introducing Bevel and Emboss 8m 8s
Multiple effects and multiple layers 7m 45s
Global Light and rasterizing effects 8m 5s
Gloss and surface contour 6m 4s
Adding texture to Bevel and Emboss 7m 21s

17. Paragraph, Character, and Layer Styles 34m 48s
Styles store settings 1m 38s
Creating and applying a paragraph style 3m 41s
Redefining a style and styling a word 5m 38s
Creating and styling a placeholder style 5m 43s
Applying and creating layer styles 5m 45s
Loading and customizing layer styles 5m 42s
Merging and saving layer styles 6m 41s

18. Scale, Rotate, Skew, and Warp 56m 48s
Meet the transformations 1m 55s
Transformations and Smart Objects 5m 46s
Adjusting the interpolation setting 5m 10s
Rotating a layer with Free Transform 5m 22s
Scale, duplicate, and repeat 4m 30s
Creating a synthetic star field 5m 20s
Warping a logo with Arc and Flag 5m 34s
Distort, perspective, and skew 4m 15s
Using transformations to draw and correct 7m 0s
Bolstering text with layer effects 5m 43s
Adding highlights with Lens Flare 6m 13s

19. Liquifying an Image 43m 36s
Removing the weight that the camera adds 1m 7s
The Warp and Reconstruct tools 6m 44s
Brush size, hardness, and opacity 4m 29s
The Pucker, Bloat, Push, and Twirl tools 7m 12s
Saving and reapplying Liquify settings 4m 9s
Lifting and slimming details 9m 42s
Warping legs, arms, and fabric 5m 33s
Improving a model's posture 4m 40s

20. Converting to Black and White 58m 46s
Shoot in color, convert to black and white 1m 55s
Three ways to grayscale 5m 36s
Mixing a custom black-and-white image 7m 31s
Simulating an infrared photograph 6m 39s
Creating a sienna-infused sepia tone 5m 38s
Creating a hyper-saturated image 5m 26s
Introducing the Black & White command 3m 16s
Customizing the Black & White settings 4m 50s
Black & White meets the Channel Mixer 7m 29s
Infusing an image with tint and color 5m 9s
Grayscale and Split Tone in Camera Raw 5m 17s

21. Printing an Image 41m 34s
The many ways to print 1m 41s
Using the test document 3m 18s
Print, position, and size 5m 57s
Description and printing marks 3m 3s
Establishing a bleed 3m 44s
Getting reliable color 5m 54s
Special printing options 5m 1s
Previewing an image at print size 4m 16s
Creating contact sheets 4m 49s
Creating a multipage PDF 3m 51s

22. Saving for the Web 31m 9s
Making Internet imagery 1m 6s
Introducing Save for Web 4m 39s
Creating the perfect JPEG image 5m 14s
Creating a high-contrast GIF image 6m 23s
The two varieties of PNG 3m 57s
Downsampling for the web 5m 59s
Adding copyright and contact info 3m 51s

Conclusion 1m 3s
Until next time 1m 3s
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Формат видео: MP4
Видео: MPEG-4 960x540 (16:9) 29.970fps 1597kbps
Аудио: AAC 48kHz stereo 256kbps
Доп. информация: курс адресован фотошоперам со средним уровнем подготовки.





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