Видео Michael Ammar-Easy to Master Card Miracles (Vol.:1,3), The Complete Cups And Balls (Vol:1) [Фокусы, манипуляции, VHSRip]

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Michael Ammar-Easy to Master Card Miracles (Vol.:1,3), The Complete Cups And Balls (Vol:1)

Жанр: Фокусы, манипуляции
Продолжительность: 1:13:19; 1:15:42; 0:46:00; 0:47:16

Описание: The first three volumes took the magic world by storm. Consistently classic effects, broadcast quality filming and editing, free bonus effects which include the props and teaching that is clear, concise and effective made Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Card Miracles the best-selling series ever in magic–and now they're available on DVD!
Each DVD contains ten classic effects, live performances before an audience, multiple camera explanations, and a free bonus effect with each video that includes the special props necessary!

Volume One contains: 8 Card Brainwave (Nick Trost); Red Hot Mama (Ryan/Everhart/Leech); Acrobatic Aces; The Secret To A Perfect Royal Flush; Triumph (Dai Vernon); Further Than That (Stewart James); Las Vegas Leaper (Paul Harris)l; Cannibal Cards (Lin Searles); Card Thru Table; "A Night at the Improv..."(Eric Mead); Bonus Effect - The Insurance Policy (Tommy Wonder)

Volume Three contains: Haunted Pack (Al Baker); Between The Palms (Alex Elmsley); Twins (Brother John Hamman); Title Bout (Martin Nash); Opening Stab (Nate Leipzig); Card In Wine Glass (Navio Martini/Michael Ammar); Jazz Aces (Darwin Ortiz/Peter Kane); Card In Wallet (Gary Plants/Michael Ammar) Colour - Changing Deck (Dai Vernon); Bonus Effect - Xeroxed Deck.

The Complete Cups And Balls
Volume One:
Fundamental Props, Definitions - Mouth, Top of the Cup, Nesting, Stacking, Holding Out, Fake Transfer, The Steal, Loading (Secret/Actual/ Fake), The Dirty, Hand, The Clean Hand, The Inertia Move, Basic Nesting, The Super Simple Routine, Fundamental Skills #1 - Acting, Methods of Holding Out, Finger Palm, Thumb Palm, Classic Palm , Beginning Sleights, The Fake Transfer, The French Drop, Classic Pass, The Simple Transfer, Misdirecting by the Wand, Secretly Loading a Ball Into a Cup, From Finger Palm, Thumb Palm, Direct from Palm, The Tip Over Load, Loading a Nested Cup
Stealing from a Tabled Cup, Two Finger Steal, Simply Holding Inside, The Two Finger Steal Out and Spin Around to Show Empty, Stealing from Nested Cup, Little Finger Retention/Steal, Nesting Rolling Steal, Fundamental Skills #2 - Timing, Faking the Load, The Scoop, The Scoop Clip, The Pinch Method, The Fake Roll Out, Passing One Through Another, Wand Through Cup, Showing Inside Deeper Than Outside, Showing a Ball Inside an Empty Cup ,Rolling a Cup, Pulling a Ball Up Through a Cup, The Charlie Miller Move, The Mendoza Move, Click Move, The Flushtration Count
The Tip-Off or “Fako” Move, Galloping Post Move, The Centrifugal Move, Fundamental Skills #3 Routining, 2nd Level Routine, Fundamental Skills #4 - Misdirection, The 4 Ball, 3 Cup, 1 Final Load Routine, The Impromptu Routine

Уже была подобная раздача, но там этих серий небыло, мож кому надо. Язык англиский, перевода нет.

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