[LinuxCBT] LinuxCBT MemCacheD Edition [2013, ENG]

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[LinuxCBT] LinuxCBT MemCacheD Edition [2013, ENG]

Сообщение Tutorial » 06 дек 2013, 22:56

LinuxCBT MemCacheD Edition

Год выпуска: 2013
Производитель: LinuxCBT
Сайт производителя: http://www.linuxcbt.com/
Автор: Dean Davis
Продолжительность: 4 Hours
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: В данном курсе разбирается работа с MemCacheD.
Intro to Key | Value Caching - MemCacheD - Usage
Introduction - MemCacheD - Features
Discuss features and benefits

Discuss Caching Applicability
Identify Cache Hosts
Install MemCacheD
Confirm Configuration
Explore environment

MemCacheD - General Usage
Install MemCache Clients
Reveal various daemon statistics
Generate sample data
Insert sample data into cache
Evaluate Keys arbitrarily
Flush Key | Value Pairs and evaluate
Reload subset of sample data and evaluate
Discuss various storage commands
Generate and store arbitrary data
Evaluate accordingly

Cache Synchronization
Highlight important cross-application concepts
Discuss importance of Client Code
Vary source data accordingly and compare with Cache
Update Cache with latest data and evaluate
Insert arbitrary data with finite expiration
Test data access
Write $SHELL script to use Cache and Refresh accordingly
Evaluate results

MemCacheD - Cluster of Hosts
Discuss applicability
Highlight available targets and confirm configuration
Update targets accordingly
Invalidate Cache
Populate Cache with various data and evaluate
Confirm Key | Value pairs on various Cluster Nodes
Flush Results on targets
Reload and explore targets
Discuss concepts related to MemCacheD Clustering of Key | Value Pairs

MemCacheD - Python - Integration
Express usage features and concerns
Enable modular support for MemCacheD
Use Interactive interface to source MemCache objects
Issue common commands via Python against the Cache
Explore and discuss behaviour across Nodes
Author simple script to interact with MemCacheD
Automate procedure

MemCacheD - PHP - Includes
Consider features
Discuss sample usage scenarios
Generate usage files for inclusion
Ensure PHP support for MemCacheD
Author PHP script to Load Cached Key | Value pairs
Handle Cache Misses programatically
Debug as needed
Evaluate results

MemCacheD - PHP - SQL Queries
Discuss sample usage scenarios
Confirm MySQL DB | Table structure
Connect to MySQL via PHP
Confirm DBMS-provided results
Cache results if not present in Cache
Vary timers and monitor Cache behaviour
Evaluate results

MemCacheDB - Persistent - Key | Value - Storage
Contrast with MemCacheD
Discuss sample usage scenarios
Install MemCacheDB
Compare and Contrast footprint with MemCacheD
Test accessibility
Migrate sample scripts to use MemCacheDB
Debug as needed
Evaluate results
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