CBT Nuggets CCVP 642-426 TUC

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CBT Nuggets CCVP 642-426 TUC

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Производитель: CBT Nuggets
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: английский
Описание: Are you ready for a training rocket ride? Then hang on while ace trainer Jeremy Cioara brings you the entire range of voice topics. In no time, you'll be mending most of the common voice problems you're likely to encounter.
TUC is the perfect finale to your CCVP quest. Jeremy's other 4 CCVP trainings (642-642 QOS, 642-436 CVOICE 6.0, 642-444 CIPT and 642-453 GWGK) show you how to implement VoIP; the TUC series shows you what to do when VoIP breaks. And because this series reaches into just about every area of the VoIP network, by the time you're done watching, you'll be a totally hot, all-around Cisco VoIP network administrator.

This training is a "best-of" series that combines all the other VoIP series into one. Jeremy provides you with practical scenarios demonstrating real world problems and solutions. He also demonstrates troubleshooting in both CallManager 4 (the Windows version) and 6 (the Linux version). Plus, he explains many concepts that fill in the gaps if you don't have experience with some of the prerequisite information.

Topics covered include:
  • Call Manager
    Unity Voice
    CTI Ports
  • Quality of Service
And much more
According to Jeremy, "This training is most appropriate for those of you finishing your CCVP track (I suggest that it be the last series you take) or individuals actively managing a Cisco VoIP network in the real world (with plenty of experience)."

This series maps to Cisco CCVP certification exam 642-426 TUC.

The CCVP-TUC video series contains:
  • IP Telephony: Cisco Certification and Getting the Most from this Series
    Foundations: Troubleshooting Cisco Voice
    Foundations: Gathering Troubleshooting Information
    Foundations: Gathering Troubleshooting Information, Part 2
    CCM Troubleshooting: Endpoint registration
    CCM Troubleshooting: Server operation
    CCM Troubleshooting: Security Issues
    CCM Troubleshooting: Security Issues, Part 2
    CCM Troubleshooting: Database Replication
    CCM Troubleshooting: LDAP Replication
    CCM Troubleshooting: Gateway Communication
    CCM Troubleshooting: Call Failures
    CCM Troubleshooting: Call Failures, Part 2
    CCM Troubleshooting: Call Failures, Part 3
    CCM Troubleshooting: Call Routing
    CCM Troubleshooting: Gatekeeper Communication
    Network Troubleshooting: Voice Quality Issues
    Cisco Unity: Integration Issues
    Resources: CTI and Media Resource Troubleshooting
  • A Final Word: TUC Certification Prep
CCNA certification (until June 24, 2009) or CCNA Voice certification.
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