Видео CBT Nuggets Wireless# Certification Package [video, Eng]

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CBT Nuggets Wireless# Certification Package

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The Wireless# Series focuses on what it takes to set up a wireless network for small offices and homes. It'll be especially helpful for you if you're an IT pro in a small business, and you'd like to add wireless capabilities to your network. It's also a great skillset if you're an installer, technician, or salesperson who provides networking solutions for small businesses and consumers.

Even if none of this describes you, Wireless# can still be a great skillset to add to your IT toolbox, and an even better way to break into your career in wireless networking. Don't wait another day to learn this cool technology.


A basic understanding of computers such as what's covered in the A+ Series or equivalent knowledge is recommended before viewing these videos.

The Wireless# Series contains these videos:

- Introduction to Wireless#
- Wi-Fi Organizations
- Wi-Fi Technology Characteristics
- Wi-Fi Standards
- Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals - Part 1
- Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals - Part 2
- Characteristics, Advantages, and Applications of ZigBee Technology
- Characteristics, Advantages, and Applications of WiMax Technology
- Characteristics, Advantages, and Applications of Bluetooth Technology
- Characteristics, Advantages, and Applications of Infrared Technology
- Wireless Infrastructure Devices
- Wireless Client Devices
- Introduction to Wireless Antenna Types
- Wireless LAN Security Techniques
- Optimizing Wireless Networks
- Installing and Configuring Common WLAN Applications
- Troubleshooting WLAN's

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