CBT Nuggets CompTIA Security+ Certification Package

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CBT Nuggets CompTIA Security+ Certification Package

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Производитель: CBT Nuggets
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский

Are you looking for a solid foundation in network security? Then Michael Shannon’s Security+ videos are for you!
They’re also for you if you’re an IT Manager or CIO and want to extend your security knowledge. Or you’re preparing for a high-level certification. Or you’re making a career change. Or you’re working in industries governed by HIPAA, SOx or the office of Homeland Security.

Hackers get the headlines, but IT pros known as "white hats" are the real heroes. In fact, security engineers save companies millions due to lost data and productivity. That’s the reason companies hire and promote employees with specific security training.

Corporations often have trouble finding qualified applicants to fill their security vacancies. This training separates you from the crowd and increases your value to any employer.

With Michael’s training you’ll soon learn to recognize and fix security problems. The series provides a cool overview of firewalls, intrusion detection, and disaster recovery policies, as well as other security practices. It covers all six major security objectives:Systems Security
Network Infrastructure
Access Control
Assessments and Audits
Organizational Security
Be a valued asset to your organization. CompTIA's Security+ is the hottest certification in the industry for a reason. And smart IT pros know that convincing their IT Managers that the network is secure, means employment and financial security for them.
By the time you're done you'll thoroughly understand the following topics about CompTIA Security+ Series:Introduction to the Security+ 2008 Series
Evaluating Common Security Threats
Operating System Hardening
Application Security
Implementing Security Applications
Network Infrastructure Attacks (Part 1)
Network Infrastructure Attacks (Part 2)
Network Design Elements and Components
Network Security Tools
Wireless Network Security
Access Control (Part 1)
Access Control (Part 2)
Assessments and Audits (Part 1)
Assessments and Audits (Part 2)
General Cryptography Concepts
Cryptography Algorithms and Protocols
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
Organizational Security (Part 1)
Organizational Security (Part 2)
Organizational Security (Part 3)
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