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VoIP Training Courses

Designed for non-engineering professionals needing to get up to speed on VoIP
Full coverage of all major VoIP technologies, buzzwords and mainstream solutions ... and most importantly, the concepts and ideas underlying Voice over IP
Independent of any particular vendor's viewpoint
SIP, MPLS, voice packetization, RTP, G.729, hosted PBX, Megaco and much, much more
Understanding Voice over IP 1: Components · Standards · Architectures
Starts with a big-picture view of VoIP, understanding the components including softswitches and gateways, the standards like RTP and SIP, and all of the different ways VoIP can be implemented.
Understanding Voice over IP 2: Voice Packetization · Voice Quality · Codecs, Jitter and Packet Loss · QoS with MPLS
Clear, concise explanations of how voice is packetized, the factors that can affect sound quality, codecs that can be used, RTP and jitter buffers, QoS, MPLS, Diff-Serv and Service Level Agreements. video preview brochure
Understanding Voice over IP 3: SIP · IP Call Flow · Carrier Interconnect
Delivers a solid working knowledge of SIP and IP call flow, plus options for connecting VoIP systems to the PSTN, including both Megaco and IP interconnect.

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