Two Swords of Aikido - Saotome Mitsugi [1999 г., Айкидо, VHSRip]

Видео уроки, тренировки, приемы по боевому искусству. Айкидо и Айки-дзюдзюцу.
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Two Swords of Aikido - Saotome Mitsugi [1999 г., Айкидо, VHSRip]

Сообщение master » 14 дек 2013, 00:57

Two Swords of Aikido - Saotome Mitsugi

Год выпуска: 1999
Вид спорта: Айкидо
Участники: Saotome Mitsugi
Продолжительность: 54:43
Комментарий: Отсутствует
Описание: Since my friend keeps buying Saotome's tapes, I'll offer some more of my uninformed opinions. This tape has a part showing basic moves, a part explanation by Saotome sensei (his English is a bit hard to follow, if I am misrepresenting his explanation, it is not deliberate), and a taped seminar.

On this tape, Saotome sensei explains the rationale behind his weapons training: it forces students to focus on technique since weapons preclude the use of physical force. The purpose of his two-sword techniques is to train both sides of the body. The actual techniques were based on a TV series about Miyamoto Musashi (!). They do not, however, resemble Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu two sword techniques.

I found the basics difficult to follow, because when Saotome demonstrates a stance, there is no indication of the opponent's position ( it seems to be on varying angles from the camera, but that could be me trying to map them on NIR nito kamae).

Like the other Saotome tapes I saw, this one seems to be of limited interest for people outside of the "Aikido School of Ueshiba." A few peculiarities I noted: Saotome sensei is always in the "nage" role, never "uke." Also, after each technique, "uke" keeps his ground while Saotome sensei steps back. Saotome sensei seems to like walking backwards a lot, I noticed the same in his randori section, it looks very strange.

Доп. информация: Название само за себя говорит. Кто практикует, да и кому просто интересно, фильм полезен будет. Саотоме один из учеников О-Сенсея. Закадровый текст английский, но внятный и простой. Я искал этот фильм, теперь делюсь с вами.

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Аудио: 128bps
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