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De'Vo - The Cobra Collection
Жанр: видеосеминар
Язык: английский
Описание: The Cobra Collection - очень известный семинар от Дево. Самая сложная подрезка одной рукой и ее виды.
"The Cobra Cut is De'vo's awesome original breakthrough creation. This DVD masterfully teaches not only the basic Cobra, but an entire suite of moves that takes the student all the way to the incredible King Cobra, certifiably the world's toughest one-hand cut. "
Jerry Cestkowski - The Flourishman
"Breathtaking... An alchemical marriage of technology and dexterity"
Jeff McBride - Las Vegas Headliner
The World's Hardest One Handed Cut has been recognized in Genii Magazine and by world renowned card experts world wide! This move is simply a reputation maker and used by the most skilled card manipulators in the world! The EXACT instructions to this elusive cut are in great detail! NOTHING has been left out! Step by step instructions make understanding the mechanics of the move a breeze and training along side of De'vo will make catapult your training in no time! Many have tried and failed to properly execute this extremely wicked cut because of the subtleties you will only find on this DVD.
De'vo first invented the Cobra Cut many years ago and released 7 small manuscripts on this cut and it's variations. Almost 4 years ago, De'vo released a very limited quantity of the Basic Cobra Cut on the Superhandz CD ROM #1 due to the rave emails and messages we received from Superhandz.com! The Basic Cobra Cut and one other move sold for $25.00 and was sold out in a matter of weeks. Sometimes this CD ROM can be found on the internet going for several HUNDREDS of dollars! After many requests from all over the world for De'vo to re-release this infamous cut, De'vo has finally released this wicked move, along with several other Cobras that have NEVER been released until now to include the most wicked of them all, .... the King Cobra Cut! (see DVD cover)
Here's your chance to learn the most incredible one handed cuts in history!
DVD Contents:
The main focus on this DVD is to give you all the tips and advice you need to properly execute the infamous 4 main Cobra Cuts! These 4 are taught in explicit detail.
* Basic Cobra - Standard 3 packet Cobra cut.
* Triad Cobra - A 4 packet Cobra with a triad under the top packet.
* Quad Cobra - A 4 packet Cobra with another packet parallel to the top packet.
* King Cobra - The 5 packet ultimate Cobra! A combination of the Triad and Quad Cobra. (See picture)
In addition to the main 4 Cobras, many tips and variations/ideas are included to include:
* 2 false Cobras
* Small hands method for the Basic Cobra
* Alternate method for the Basic Cobra
* Trait catches from basic to King, and multiple flipping packets/catches
* RC
* Spinning RC with Triad catch
* Crossed Cobras
* Cobra recoveries (2)
* Super training tip
* Super performance tip
* Multiple Pro tips through the DVD
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