Gnomon Shake (including Visual Effects Compositing Fundamentals) 4 DVD

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Gnomon Shake (including Visual Effects Compositing Fundamentals) 4 DVD

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Gnomon Shake
Производитель: Gnomon
Язык: английский
Описание: 4 DVD диска по Shake :
Gnomon Shake 101 Interface And Workflow
Описание Содержание Скриншоты : Gnomon Shake 101 Interface And Workflow
Описание на анг.яз
Designed for the compositing artist new to Shake, this lecture covers the essential capabilities and workflow of the program. Martin discusses the UI (user interface) covering all aspects of its functionality. He focuses on his own production workflow, revealing how to effectively create a professional node-based composite. Topics covered include rotoscoping, color correction, premultiplication issues of a digital image, animation and movement. Learn methodologies and shortcuts that will dramatically improve your efficiency and performance. This DVD is an effective starting point for new users of Shake.
01: Introduction
02: Viewer Overview
03: Comparative Methods
04: Flipbooks and Viewer Scripts
05: The Node Space and Compositing
06: Node List Tabs and Tools
07: Curve Editor
08: Timeline
09: Parameters and Globals
10: Pull Down Menus and Functionality

Gnomon Shake Expressions Scripting and Macros
Описание Содержание Скриншоты : Gnomon Shake Expressions Scripting and Macros
Описание на анг.яз
In this lecture, Matt Linder discusses the powerful flexibility of using the command line and expressions to take your compositing to a new level of speed and efficiency. Matt begins with basic Unix commands for your terminal or shell, showing how to navigate around directories and files, and leads into Shake commands that demonstrate the advantages of command line workflow. Command line tasks run much more efficiently when you do not need to load a user-interface. Matt shows how to composite, resize, color correct, transform and convert your images from the com- mand line. He teaches how to set up batch scripts to run multiple tasks for nighttime renders or a distributed render, and how to build template scripts for repetitive tasks like title slates, wedges, video to film or film to video conversions. Matt uses simple math expressions to add new functionality to Shake, accessing and altering data anywhere in the workflow, linking node parameters, or creating random noise or sine wave expressions. He shows how to customize Shake's interface, how to build your own Macros, and how to build your own Viewer Look-Up-Table.
01: Introduction
02: Terminal and Shells
03: Unix Commands
04: Command Line
05: Expression Linking
06: Expressions, Variables and Math Functions
07: Creating Local Variables
08: Creating Macros
09: Customizing the User Interface
10: Creating a Custom Viewer Lut
11: Installing Plugins
12: Putting It All Together

Gnomon Shake Tracking And Transforms
Описание Содержание Скриншоты: Gnomon Shake Tracking And Transforms
Описание на анг.яз
In this lecture, visual effects artist Matt Linder discusses advanced techniques for tracking and stabilizing 2D plates using Shake. Using real-world examples, Matt shows his techniques for capturing a move with one-point, two-point or four-point tracking. Each tracking and transform node is thoroughly discussed, including where to place your tracking points to capture accurate track data, how to deal with obscured tracking objects, smoothing and averaging tracks, adding motion blur to 3D renders, and smoothing out camera shake without losing the original camera move. This DVD also contains challenging real-world production tracking examples.
01: Introduction to Tracking, 1-Point Tracking
02: Introduction to Transform Nodes
03: 2-Point Tracking, and More Details of Tracking Nodes
04: Adding Motion Blur Without Transforming
05: Smoothing Action Moves
06: 2 and 4-Point Tracking
07: 4-Point Tracking with Obscured Points

Gnomon Shake Visual Effects Compositing Fundamentals
Описание Содержание Скриншоты : Gnomon Shake Visual Effects Compositing Fundamentals
Описание на анг.яз
In this introductory DVD, seasoned compositor Gary Jackemuk teaches the fundamentals of compositing with an emphasis on production. Gary starts by creating a sample composite, discussing the essentials of digital formats and color space. From there, Gary illustrates the process of using mattes generated by both 3D applications and live-action plates. He discusses the details of combining and layering by looking at the mathematics behind the most frequently used operators. The DVD covers color operations, filters, transformations and various methods of generating mattes. By walking you through a few composites, Gary shows you how these techniques are applied to actual visual effects production tasks. Although Gary uses Shake to demonstrate these compositing fundamentals, the techniques are applicable to any compositing package, including Digital Fusion, Flame/Inferno and After Effects.
01: Introduction to Compositing
02: Introduction to the Shake Interface
03: Bit-Depth, Resolutions, Formats and Compression
04: Linear & Non-Linear Color-Space
05: Pre-Multiplication
06: Concatenation
07: Composite Operations
08: Color Operations
09: Filters
10: Transform Operations
11: Matte Generation

Видео кодек: QuickTime
Видео: Image Size: 1024 x 768. Frame Rate: 6.22
Аудио: 22050 Hz - 16 bit - Mono
5-й диск. Shake: Effective Keying Techniques
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