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Complete Muay Thai Home Study Advance Course (disk 6 of 6)

Страна: USA
Тематика: Muay Thai
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Продолжительность: 00:35:49
Язык: Английский
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Disc 6 - Bonus training for the unstoppable low kick
"A good low kick is one of those 'must have' tools you need in your arsenal."
We think that having a swift, hard, and well timed low kick (aka "leg kick") is an AWESOME weapon to have in your arsenal.
In this special topic DVD, Scott Sullivan will show you some of his favorite leg kicking strategies and techniques.
You may never actually have a low kick that is always "unstoppable", but sometimes goals are a great thing to aim for - even if you never attain them!

Topics covered on this DVD include:

Punch Countering Drill: A VERY IMPORTANT drill for the low kick specialist. He tries to punch you and you counter and kick his leg. After a few of those and your opponent will lose confidence in his punching! Ouch!
Low Teep Combo: We first learned about this move from a friend who saw it effectively executed by an unknown but really good Muay Thai fighter from Laos. So here it is in all its glory! Unorthodox but effective!
Cut Kick Drill: It is very unnerving to have your support leg knocked out from underneath you by a kick - and that's what this drill teaches you to do to your opponents!
Echo Coordination Drills: A good sense of timing and distance are critical for having a good low kick. These drills will help you develop both.
Leg Blaster Drills: Some will say that this is an unusual way to hold the pads, and they would be right - but we think this is a GREAT WAY to learn how to employ and develop leg kicking skills at an attacking opponent.
Lead & Rear Leg Burnouts: Need a lightning fast low kick? This is the drill!! We're not gonna lie to you, this drill SUCKS. It's one of those things that you hate doing but is still very good for your development. Have fun!
"Thai Suitcase" Drills: The "Thai Suitcase" is the best apparatus for devloping your low kick because it allows you to kick an "alive" target with full power. Learn some drills that will help you take advantage of this important tool.
Sweet Spots: Crucial information we've never seen anywhere else. Learn the best area on your shin to kick your opponent with AND the best and MOST PAINFUL area on his thigh to attack. As you will see, even "light" kicks hurt when you aim your kick with these "sweet spots" in mind!!

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