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Complete Muay Thai Home Study Advance Course (disk 3 of 6)

Страна: USA
Тематика: Muay Thai
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Продолжительность: 00:48:31
Язык: Английский
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Disk 3 - Fighting Tactics and Combinations
"Anyone serious about improving their fighting ability should increase their pool of technique options ."
Having a list of practiced, well-trained moves that you can execute smoothly, quickly and with precision makes you a very dangerous individual.
This DVD is designed to teach you certain tactics, strategies and combinations that have proven to be effective in real fighting situations.
The goal here is to increase your technical knowledge while at the same time encourage you to execute those moves naturally and with fluidity - so that they just "come out" without thinking about them.

Topics covered on this DVD include:

"Bust His Melon": A dangerous move that can really floor your opponent! The knee to the head is perhaps one of the most devastating moves in fighting. Here's a way to set one up!
"The Bodysnatcher": A technique that can really bend a guy over gasping for air. Body shots like this can hurt more than being hit in the head!
Fade Back and Charge: A nice way to evade an opponent's kick and counter!
"Shield and Wrap": Most people don't think of using this sweet clinching maneuver - use it to your advantage!
Shielding Drill: A drill to help you protect yourself from kicks. Shield correctly so that you can keep you head, body, and leg safe from your opponent's kick
Lean Back Drill: Repetition is the mother of learning! Avoiding a high level kick attack correctly should be second nature, so here is another drill to help you protect yourself from those kicks.
Hand Pull Move: A surprise attack that most people don't expect - the "hand pull" is an uncommon way to land some good stuff. Learn it and incorporate it into your fighter's toolbox!
Hostile Push Kick Response: Why just to block passively when you could hit your opponent? This is a neat way to deal with an opponent's push kick and hit him almost simultaneously!
Gutbuster: The name says it all - knock the wind out of 'em with this "old school" boxing move.
Catch and Run: Need to punish a guy for trying to kick you? Run him off balance and blast him with this move!
Ribs or Liver?: What are you in the mood for? Pick your favorite dish! Wherever you decide to hit your opponent with this move, you're likely to crumple him over!
"Legwhacker": Chop their legs our from underneath them. This technique shows you how to look for the possibility of attacking both of his legs too.
"Funky Kick": We've never seen this taught anywhere except from one old seasoned Muay Thai coach. Here's how to use an unusal angle on throwing the Thai kick designed to catch your opponent by surprise!
Knee to Head Defenses: Hey, you never know when someone just wants to knee your face! Make these defensive options automatic by "ingraining" them into your subconscious so that they "reflexively" come out when needed.
The Thai Battering Ram: Sometimes its difficult to "come in" on a guy without getting hit. Here's a way to crash in safely, unbalance him, and attack!
"Forearm Bar Trick": Stuck in a tight clinch and can't land a good knee? This cool tip will show you how to use a special grip so that you can land that solid knee shot!
Clinch Counter Flow: It's one thing to know how to counter the clinch, but another to be able to execute the move without thinking, and that's what drills like this are all about.
Zone Off and Blast: Advanced fighters have to learn how to use angles instead of attacking "head on" all the time. Here is a good example of how to use an angle to counter your opponent's attack.
"Neckbreaker": Save this move for only serious situations. Check the legalities in your area first!

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