VTC Red Hat Certified Engineer Tutorials (Video, Eng) [2008 г.]

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VTC Red Hat Certified Engineer Tutorials (Video, Eng) [2008 г.]

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VTC Red Hat Certified Engineer Tutorials (Video, Eng)
Производитель: Virtual Training Company (VTC)
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Описание: Author: Michael Jang
Release Date: 2008-01-18
Duration: 6.5 hrs / 94 lessons
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux, QuickTime 7, Flash 8
Linux is the most important operating system on the Internet. It's recognized everywhere as the cost-effective way to operate all kinds of servers. With the support of powerhouses like IBM, Dell, HP, and Sun, demand for Linux servers is growing. Red Hat is the dominant player in Linux. And the Red Hat Certified Engineer is perhaps the most important of the "hands-on" exams recognized for testing real skills. This practical "how to" course by VTC author Mike Jang, uses practical examples to demonstrate the skills tested by the RHCE exam.
Welcome (05:28)
System Requirements (02:54)
Additional Information for the RHCE Exam
What Else to prepare for the RHCE Exam (02:09)
Logical Volume Management (04:07)
Logical Volumes During Installation (06:00)
Logical Volumes After Installation Pt.1 (02:20)
Logical Volumes After Installation Pt.2 (06:09)
Setting up a Kickstart File (04:49)
An Automated Kickstart Installation (03:48)
Reviewing Rescue Mode (06:23)
Problems during the boot process (04:35)
What can go wrong with GRUB (07:36)
Create a network installation server (05:01)
System Monitoring and Fault Analysis
System Performance and Security Concepts (04:46)
System Faults and Breaches (05:00)
Method of Fault Analysis (03:03)
Benefits of System Monitoring (03:20)
Managing Process by Account (02:24)
System Service Analysis
System Service Access Controls (06:48)
Service and Network Access Controls (04:30)
Service and Application Access Controls (03:06)
tcp_wrappers Configuration (04:11)
Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) (05:09)
Network Configuration and Security
Network Resource Access Controls (03:20)
Dynamic Interface Configuration (03:48)
Static Interface Configuration (03:10)
Routing Configuration Pt.1 (02:28)
Routing Configuration Pt.2 (05:52)
Netfilter Overview (06:11)
iptables Firewall Rules (06:09)
Firewall Rules by IP address (06:21)
Network Access Translation (NAT) (03:17)
Network Support Services
Organizing Networked Systems (02:08)
Host Name Resolution (03:07)
Trace a DNS Query with the dig command (02:47)
Exploring DNS with the host command (02:49)
An Overview of Domain Name Services (03:15)
DNS Packages (05:14)
Configuring a BIND Caching Nameserver (06:40)
Setting up a Slave Nameserver (05:17)
BIND in sysconfig and command support (04:04)
The DHCP Service (05:57)
Configuring an NTP Server (05:37)
Sharing on a Network
Network File Sharing Services (02:26)
FTP – Basic Server Configuration (05:05)
FTP – Security Options (06:09)
NFS – Basic Server Configuration (03:47)
NFS – Security Options (04:49)
Samba – Basic Server Configuration (06:10)
More on Samba (06:25)
Samba Security Options (03:59)
File Server Security (03:28)
Apache Web Services and More
Apache Web Services (03:02)
Critical Apache Configuration Directives (06:28)
Creating a Virtual Host (06:55)
Limiting Access to an Apache Website (05:33)
Apache and SELinux (03:39)
Creating a Secure Apache Host (07:24)
Configuring the Squid Web Proxy (05:27)
Configuring Email Services
Email Protocols and Agents (04:02)
Basic sendmail Configuration Pt.1 (04:33)
Basic sendmail Configuration Pt.2 (03:38)
Basic Postfix Configuration (04:33)
Switching Between SMTP Services (02:47)
Mail Retrieval Protocols (03:39)
Creating Secure Remote Access
A Secure Shell Server (06:17)
Configuring Secure Certificates (05:24)
Secure Shell Keys (07:10)
Account Security
Basic Account Management (03:02)
Name Service Switching (04:19)
Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) (04:19)
Utilities and Authentication (04:52)
Making PAM Work For You (05:57)
Troubleshooting and System Maintenance
Use the Rescue Environment (06:38)
Diagnose and Correct Boot Failures (06:04)
Address Problems with Network Services (06:04)
Add, Remove, and Resize Logical Volumes (03:22)
Diagnose SELinux Network Problems (02:32)
Installation and Configuration
Install Packages for Network Services (04:08)
Configure SELinux for Network Services (02:49)
Configure Services to Start on Boot (03:43)
Configure Basic Service Operation (03:29)
Configure User/Host-based Security (03:52)
Configure Kickstart Installations (02:45)
Add Logical Volumes during Installation (03:47)
Use iptables to for Firewalls and NAT (04:33)
Use PAM for User-Level Restrictions (03:35)
Wrap-up Pt.1 (03:33)
Wrap-up Pt.2 (05:36)
About the Author (01:23)
Видео кодек: QuickTime
Видео: 800x600 MP4V
Аудио: MAD 39 kb/s
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