[LinuxCBT] LinuxCBT Exim Edition [video, ENG]

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[LinuxCBT] LinuxCBT Exim Edition [video, ENG]

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LinuxCBT Exim Edition
Производитель: LinuxCBT
Сайт производителя: http://www.linuxcbt.com
Продолжительность: 8 часов
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
LinuxCBT Exim Edition, a component of LinuxCBT Mail Edition, focuses on the popular Exim Mail Transfer Agent (MTAs) and ancillary components.
Exim is a completely scaleable and highly-configurable MTA, with support for common applications including but not limited to: Aliases, Local Mail, Remote Mail, SMTP Auth, SSL | TLS, Virtual Domains, et cetera.
Let LinuxCBT Exim Edition help to solidify your understanding of the Exim MTA and ancillary components.
Recommended Prerequisites:
Familiarity with electronic mail concepts (MUA/MTA/etc.)
Access to a GNU/Linux-based PC to install the MTAs and ancillary components used

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LinuxCBT Exim Edition - Module 4
Exim - Features
Enumerate & discuss features
Compare & contrast Exim with other MTAs
Identify sources
Exim - Explore Environment
Identify key packages
Explore key files & directories
Discuss default configuration
Discuss key directives
Exim - Local Mail
Identify configuration
Generate local mail using exim | sendmail binary
Generate local mail using typcial Mail User Agents (MUAs)
Retrieve and peruse headers
Evaluate results
Exim - Remote Mail
Identify configuration
Explore remote Exim configuration
Generate remote mail
Confirm delivery
Queue messages for subsequent deliveries
Exim - Aliases
Discuss benefits of aliases
Explore default aliases
Configure additional aliases
Test messaging
Evaluate results
Exim - Relay Configuration
Discuss concepts
Identify default configuration
Test relaying from local and remote hosts
Expand relay configuration to accept relaying from other hosts
Evaluate results
Exim - Smart Host Configuration
Discuss Smart Host concepts and applications
Reconfigure Exim to support smart hosts
Define a remote smart host
Test local delivery and confirm delivery
Test remote delivery
Evaluate results
Exim - Queue Management
Explore tools
Generate messages
Identify undeliverable messages
Explore attributes of queued messages
Remove messages from the queue
Force message delivery
Display queue statistics
Evaluate results
Exim - Log Configuration
Explore default logging environment
Identify key log files
Generate disparate events
Confirm records
Evaluate results
Exim - Utilities
Discuss applications
Identify and use applications
Test usage
Evaluate results
Exim - Virtual Domains
Discuss features, benefits & approaches
Explore virtual domain approach
Generate multiple virtual domains
Link virtual domains
Test messages to undefined users in virtual domains
Test messages to virtual domains
Evaluate results
Exim - SMTP Authentication
Discuss concepts
Explore supported SMTP Auth mechanisms
Enable CRAM-MD5 SMTP Auth
Test relaying with SMTP Auth via MUA
Evaluate results
Exim - SSL | TLS Configuration
Discuss benefits
Explore configuration
Enable TLS
Test encryption
Evaluate results
Файлы примеров: Demo
Формат видео: QuickTime
Видео: AVC 800x600 5.00fps 90kbps
Аудио: AAC 44100Hz mono 64kbps
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