LinuxCBT EL-6 Edition [2011, ENG]

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LinuxCBT EL-6 Edition [2011, ENG]

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LinuxCBT EL-6 Edition
Год выпуска: 2011
Производитель: LinuxCBT
Сайт производителя:
Автор: Dean Davis
Продолжительность: 40 Hours
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: Genre: eLearning
English | 40 Hours | 800x600 | H264 | 5fps 85.9kbps | AAC 64kbps | 2.87GB
LinuxCBT EL-6 Edition focuses on the RedHat® Enterprise 6 GNU/Linux operating system.
LinuxCBT EL-6 Edition, is unparalleled in content. LinuxCBT EL-6 Edition prepares you or your organization for successfully deploying and managing business-critical RedHat® Enterprise 6-based solutions. Let LinuxCBT EL-6 Edition bolster your GNU/Linux administration skills.
Recommended Prerequisites for:
LinuxCBT EL-6 Edition
Determination to master Linux and related open-source applications
Intermediate to advanced Windows® networking skills
Understanding of networking concepts: OSI Model
Physical or virtual machine to follow exercises
More info: ... dition.php
Installations - Shell Basics - Permissions - File Systems - Package Management
* Installations -Network - VNC - Kickstart
o Discuss features of RedHat® Enterprise Linux 6
o Create HTTP installation source tree
o Explore installation options
o Install via HTTP - Text Mode
o Perform VNC Install
o Graphical installation
o Kickstart, automated installation
o Use Rescue Mode
o Explore Single-User Mode
o Discuss INIT - Upstart facilities
* Explore Requisite Shell Utilities
o 'pwd', 'touch', 'stat', 'ls', 'id'
o 'echo', 'cat'
o 'cp' - copy files
o 'mv' - move files throughout the file system
o 'tty' - Discuss terminals
o 'tar' - explore features and advantages of tarballs
o 'gzip', 'bzip2', 'zip' - Compress content
o 'md5sum', 'sha1sum', 'sha256sum', 'sha512sum' - checksums
o 'file' - discuss logic used to ascertain file type
o 'find' - single and multiple expressions and criteria
o Use 'w' commands
o 'ps' - explore process lists
o free & top - explore process management with top
o Process lines with: 'grep'
o Process fields with: 'awk'
o Explore 'sed' - streams processing
o Basics of: 'perl'
o User and group management concepts
* Permissions - Symlinks - Quotas - File System Management
o Explain Discretionary Access Controls (DAC) file system permissions
o Manipulate DAC permissions
o Create Symbolic links
o Implement file system quotas
o Use 'parted' and 'fdisk' to manipulate partitions
o FSTAB - explore File System Table
o Allocate swap storage
o Logical Volume Management (LVM) - Discuss concepts and applications
o Allocate partitions for usage with LVM
o Create Physical Volumes
o Create Volume Groups based on Physical Volumes
o Create Logical Volumes based on Volume Groups
o Mount and use LVM Volumes
o Resize LVM Volumes
o Generate RAID volumes
o Evaluate results
* RPM | YUM Package Management
o Query existing packages & file-based packages
o Identify offline and online package repositories
o Install packages
o Upgrade packages
o Remove packages
o Create YUM repositories
o Manage packages using YUM
o Configure redundant YUM repositories
o Explore Package Kit - GUI
* CRON - System Scheduler
o Explore Cron Implementation
o Explain scheduler
o Global and scope-based Cron options
o Schedules jobs to run & examine the output
o Configure individual Crontab entries
o Explore 'at' & 'batch' usage
* RSYSLOG and Logrotate
o Discuss rsyslog facilities & levels
o Configure TCP listener
o Log Cisco router events to rsyslog server
o Explore log rotation
* Network Utilities
o Use Telnet to test TCP ports
o Explore Netstat socket listings
o Use arp to enumerate layer-2 neighbors
o LFTP - basic usage, job control
o LFTP - mirror and reverse mirror content
o LFTP - batch, non-interactive, scripted mode
o Explore: 'wget', 'curl' & 'ssh'
* Network Interface Configuration
o Discuss concepts
o Identify key files & scripts
o Explore: IPv4 & IPv6 configuration
o Configure aliased interfaces
o Provision additional NIC
o Evaluate results
* Very Secure File Transfer Protocol Daemon (VSFTPD)
o Concepts & Applications
o Explore configuration directives
o Disable anonymous access
o Source connections to VSFTPD
o Discuss features
o Synchronize inter-server content
o Evaluate
* Trivial File Transfer Protocol Daemon (TFTPD)
o Concepts & Applications
o Install and configure
o Archive Cisco router configuration
o Use 'tftp' client to move data
o Discuss caveats
o Concepts & Applications
o Enable via XINETD
o Source connections to TELNETD
o Explain NTP hierarchy
o Configure time sources
o Synchronize internal resources via NTP
o Evaluate results
* Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPD)
o Configure exclusive broadcast domain
o Install and configure DHCPD
o Implement reservations
o Examine client configuration
o Evaluate results
* Domain Name System (DNS) - BIND
o Configure BIND as a caching-only DNS server
o Implement Master DNS Zones
o Configure Master/Slave Zones with peer
o Evaluate results of BIND configuration
o Configure IPv4 reverse support
o Configure IPv6 forward & reverse support
o Resolve queries - compare & contrast client resolvers
* Network File System (NFS) Implementation
o Implement NFS Server
o Export shares and discuss options
o Mount NFS exports on remote Linux Host
o Implement AutoFS
* Samba Implementation
o Implement Linux & Windows Integration via Samba
o Use key Samba clients
o Explore Samba Configuration files
o Install Samba Server support
o Configure Samba file sharing
o Configure Samba-Active Directory Integration with Winbind
o Evaluate results
Apache - MySQL® - PHP (LAMP)
* Apache Web Server Implementation
o Explore Apache configuration tree
o Peruse log configuration variables
o Configure IP-based Virtual Hosts
o Configure Name-based Virtual Hosts
o Implement Apache logging system per virtual host
* MySQL® Relational Database Management System
o Install MySQL® Relational Database Management System
o Secure access to MySQL®
o Explore MySQL® monitor shell-based interface
o Create sample MySQL® database
o Populate with data and execute queries
o Discuss key SQL DML Commands
o Evaluate results
o Discuss features and benefits
o Install Apache | MySQL Support
o Write data-retrieval script
o Execute & debug
o Evaluate results
Security Implementation Techniques
* SELinux Intro
o Discuss Concepts & Applications
o Explore default configuration
o Identify key tools
o Expose SELinux subject | object labels
o Enable SELinux-restricted functions on key services
o Auto-relabel the file system
o Copy & Move data & evaluate ramifications
o Evaluate results
* NMAP - Reconnaisance and Risk Assessment Tool
o Discuss features & benefits
o Install via YUM
o Identifiy key NMAP configuration files
o Identify commonly used NMAP options/switches/parameters
o Perform service identification
o Perform local & remote service risk exposure scans
* IPTABLES - Firewall
o Concepts & Applications
o Explore default tables and chains
o Define and test INPUT chain rules
o Define and test OUTPUT chain rules
o Explain IPTABLES default chains/filters and policies
o Filter traffic based on Layers 3|4
o Test connectivity
o Evaluate IPTables6 (IPv6) support
o Write IPv6 rules
o Archive | Restore firewall rules
* TCPDump
o Concepts & Applications
o Capture broad-based traffic
o Narrow scope with Berkeley Packet Filters (BPFs)
o Parse captured traffic
o Evaluate results
* Apache SSL
o Features & Benefits
o Explore default configuration
o Generate usage keys for virtual hosts
o Apply usage keys to virtual hosts & test configuration
o Use 'tcpdump' to intercept clear-text & encrypted traffic
o Compare and contrast capture results
o Features & Benefits
o Reference SSL|TLS usage keys
o Configure VSFTPD to support SSL|TLS exclusively
o Evaluate connectivity with: LFTP & FileZilla
o Liberate server configuration with hybrid approach
o Capture FTP clear-text & encrypted traffic with: 'tcpdump'
o Compare & contrast packet dumps
o Evaluate results
* Enhance Security Posture
o Rationalize consequences (pros|cons) of lean presence
o Discuss compliance benefits
o Use 'nmap' to identify superfluous services: local & remote perspectives
o Mitigate risk by reducing exposure
o Loopback candidate daemons
o Perform post-mitigation reconnaisance with 'nmap'
o Document baseline configuration
o Evaluate Results
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