LinuxCBT Packet | Capture | Analysis Edition [2008 г.]

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LinuxCBT Packet | Capture | Analysis Edition [2008 г.]

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LinuxCBT Packet | Capture | Analysis Edition
Производитель: LinuxGenius LLC
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Описание: LinuxCBT Packet | Capture | Analysis Edition encompasses: 1. Packet Capture and Analysis Security featuring Ethereal®.
LinuxCBT Packet | Capture | Analysis Edition is unparalleled in content, depth and expertise. It entails 8-hours, or 1-day of classroom training. LinuxCBT Packet | Capture | Analysis Edition prepares you or your organization for successfully securing GNU/Linux & Open Source-based solutions. As a by-product, many of the covered concepts, utilities and tricks are applicable to heterogeneous computing environments, ensuring your coverage of the fundamentals of securing corporate infrastructures.
Let LinuxCBT Packet | Capture | Analysis Edition cost-effectively sharpen your Packet Capture and Analysis Security skills!
Recommended Prerequisites for:
* Any LinuxCBT Operating System Course (Classic/EL-4/SUSE/Debian Editions)
o Open mind & determination to master Linux and related open-source applications
o Basic understanding of networking concepts
o Access to a PC to follow the exercises
Packet Capture Analysis Security - Module 1
* Introduction - Topology - Features
o Discuss course outline
o Explore system configuration
o Identify key network interfaces to be used for captures
o Identify connected interfaces on Cisco Switch
o Explore network topology - IPv4 & IPv6
o Identify Ethereal installation
o Enumerate and discuss key Ethereal features
* Ethereal Graphical User Interface (GUI)
o Identify installation footprint
o Differentiate between promiscuous and non-promiscuous modes
o Configure to permit non-privileged user to write output to screen
o Launch Ethereal GUI
o Identify the primary GUI components /Packet List | Packet Details | Packet Bytes/
o Discuss defaults
o Explore key menu items
* TCPDump | WinDump - Packet Capturing for /Linux|Unix|Windows/
o Discuss defaults, features and applications
o Use TCPDump on Linux to capture packets
o Log traffic using default PCAP/TCPDump format
o Discuss Berkeley Packet Filters (BPFs)
o Capture and log specific packets using BPFs for analysis with Ethereal
o Connect to Windows 2003 Server using Remote Desktop (RDesktop) utility
o Install WinDump and WinPCAP on Windows 2003 Server
o Identify available network interfaces using WinDump
o Capture and log packets using WinDump
o Capture and log specific packets using BPFs with WinDump for analysis with Ethereal
o Upload captures to Linux system for analysis in Ethereal
* Snort NIDS Packet Capturing & Logging
o Discuss Snort NIDS's features
o Confirm prerequisites - /PCRE|LibPCAP|GCC|Make/
o Download and Import Snort G/PGP key and MD5SUM for Snort NIDS
o Download, verify, compile and install Snort NIDS
o Discuss BPF directional, type, and protocol qualifiers
o Identify clear-text based network applications and define appropriate BPFs
o Execute Snort NIDS in sniffer mode with BPFs enabled to match interesting traffic
o Log to the active pseudo-terminal console and examine the packet flows
o Combine BPF qualifiers to increase packet-matching capabilities
o Use logical operators to define more flexible BPFs
o Create captures for further analysis with Ethereal
* Sun Snoop Packet Capturing & Logging
o Connect to Solaris 10 system and prepare to use Snoop
o Draw parallels to TCPDump
o Enumerate key features
o Sniff and log generic traffic
o Sniff and log specific traffic using filters
o Sniff using Snoop, HTTP and FTP traffic
o Save filters for analysis by Ethereal
o Snoop various Solaris interfaces for interesting traffic
* Layer-2 & Internet Control Messaging Protocol (ICMP) Captures
o Launch Ethereal
o Identify sniffing interfaces
o Capture Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Packets using Capture Filters
o Discuss and Identify Protocol Data Units (PDUs)
o Identify default Ethereal capture file
o Peruse packet capture statistics
o Identify Cisco VOIP router generating ARP requests
o Peruse time precision features - deci - nano-seconds
o Discuss time manipulations - relative to first packet - actual time
o Reveal protocol information from layer-1 through 7
o Identify network broadcasts in the packet stream
o Generate Layer-2 ARP traffic using PING and capture and analyze results
o Sniff traffic based on MAC addresses using Ethereal and Capture FIlters
* User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Captures & Analyses
o Discuss UDP Characteristics
o Focus on Network Time Protocol (NTP)
o Setup NTP strata for testing between multiple systems
o Analyze NTP - UDP traffic using Ethereal
o Focus on Domain Name Service (DNS)
o Install a BIND DNS Caching-Only Server
o Analyze DIG queries
o Analyze 'nslookup' queries
* Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Captures & Analyses
o Discuss TCP Characteristics - Connection-Oriented Services
o Explain TCP connection rules - Socket creation
o Sniff TCP traffic using Capture Filters in Ethereal
o Use Display Filters to parse TCP traffic
o Sniff FTP traffic
o Reconstruct FTP flows using TCP Stream Reassembly
o Differentiate between client and server flows
o Quantify client and server flows
o Discuss embedded Protocol Data Units (PDUs)
o Sniff Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) traffic
o Peruse and discuss the IPv6:TCP:FTP traffic dump
o Analyze TCP Sockets
* Ethereal Display Filters - Post Processing Filters
o Identify previously captured - TCPDump - Ethereal - Snort - Snoop - Dumps
o Discuss features
o Explain Display Filter syntax
o Post-process previously captured traffic dumps
o Identify the various methods to exact display filters
o Filter data using the expression builder
o Filter traffic based on interesting properties
o Filter traffic using logical operators
* Ethereal Statistics
o Discuss features
o Explore the summary (metadata) of captured packets
o Peruse the protocol hierarchy - Layer's 1 - 7 of OSI
o Examine network conversations of captured packets
o Identify Destinations in packet dumps
o Examine ICMP statistics
* Text-based Captures with Tethereal
o Discuss features and applications
o Identify 'tethereal' and invoke
o Enumerate network interfaces
o Sniff generic network traffic
o Suppress capture output
o Apply Capture Filters
o Capture UDP Traffic
o Capture TCP Traffic
* Intranet-based Captures & Analysis
o Discuss Intranet monitoring objectives
o Analyze the network topology drawing
o Discuss Unicast, Broadcast and Multicast traffic
o Discuss Switch Port Mirroring - SPAN
o Configure Port Mirroring - SPAN on Cisco Switch for interesting ports
o Dedicate a network interface for sniffing traffic
o Configure Snort NIDS to sniff traffic on dedicated network interface
o Analyze Snort NIDS captures in Ethereal
o Sniff traffic between various Intranet hosts
* Internet-based Captures & Analysis
o Discuss Internet monitoring objectives
o Identify key external interfaces to monitor
o Update the Port Mirroring configuration to capture Internet traffic
o Capture external traffic
o Analyze using Ethereal
* Wireless-based Captures & Analysis
o Discuss Wireless monitoring objectives
o Connect to remote system with wireless interface
o Enable wireless interface
o Sniff traffic on wireless network
o Analyze using Ethereal
* Windows-based Captures & Analysis on Windows
o Download and Install Ethereal for Windows
o Explore interface
o Load previously captured data
o Analyze data
o Compare and contrast with Ethereal for Linux|Unix systems
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