Видео LinuxCBT feat. OpenPGP Edition [2008 г.]

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LinuxCBT feat. OpenPGP Edition
Производитель: LinuxGenius LLC
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Описание: LinuxCBT feat. OpenPGP Edition encompasses: 1. OpenPGP | Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG) Security.
LinuxCBT feat. OpenPGP Edition focuses on the implementation of OpenPGP with Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG | GnuPG) on various Linux | Win32 platforms.
OpenPGP is the most widely used method of bullet-proof data encryption. It encompasses: Digital signatures, encryption (symmetric and asymmetric), decryption, key management, e-mail encryption, among other features. Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG) provides an Open Source implementation of OpenPGP (RFC 2440), and is compatible with commercial PGP products. GPG is included with Linux distributions, and is available for Windows, Mac OSX, Solaris, and other flavors of Unix.
Let LinuxCBT feat. OpenPGP Edition cost-effectively sharpen your GPG | PGP skills!
Recommended Prerequisites for:
* Any LinuxCBT Operating System Course (Classic/EL-4/SUSE/Debian Editions)
o Open mind & determination to master Linux and related open-source applications
o Basic understanding of networking concepts
o Access to a PC to follow the exercises
OpenSSHv2 Security - Module 1
* Introduction - Topology - Features
o Discuss course outline
o Explore system configuration
o Identify key systems to be used
o Explore network topology
o Enumerate and discuss key OpenPGP features
* Explore GPG Configuration
o Identify installed GPG packages in various Linux distros
o Discuss the key contents of those packages
o Explore configuration hierarchy
o Discuss security as it pertains to private key management
o Explain the purpose of public and private keys
o Discuss symmetric and asymmetric encryption provided by OpenPGP-compliant Apps
* Generate | Import | Export OpenPGP Usage Keys
o Discuss features and benefits
o Obtain shell access on remote systems
o Generate usage (private|public) keys
o Identify the generated keys
o Discuss how usage keys are used
o Generate usage keys on remote systems
o Export OpenPGP public key chain on various systems
o Import OpenPGP public keys on various systems
o Evaluate the results of exchanging public keys
* Digital Signatures
o Discuss features and benefits as they pertain to data integrity
o Identify default digital signatures on multiple hosts
o Explain the differences between signing and encrypting correspondence
o Sign and export data to remote systems - Inline
o Create detached OpenPGP signatures for data
o Confirm the signed data on the remote systems
o Recap non-repudiation benefits provided by digitally signing correspondence
* Encryption | Decryption | Sign & Encrypt Content
o Discuss features and benefits
o Generate files for usage
o Encrypt content using symmetric (shared-key) algorithm
o Decrypt content using the shared-key, based on the symmetric algorithm
o Evaluate results on multiple machines
o Explain caveats associated with symmetric encryption
o Encrypt content to a given recipient, using their public key - asymmetric encryption
o Decrypt content on various hosts
o Attempt to decrypt content without the corresponding private key
o Evaluate results
o Encrypt using ASCII-armoured and binary (OpenPGP-compliant) formats
o Decrypt both ASCII-armoured and binary formats
o Recap encryption decryption processes
o Discuss the requirements of signing and encrypting content
o Sign and encrypt content to various recipients
o Confirm signed and encrypted content
o Attempt to confirm and decrypt content as the unintended recipient
o Evaluate results
* OpenPGP Key Management | Web of Trust | Internet Key Distribution
o Discuss features and benefits
o Explore GPG key management facility
o Update properties of public/private key pairs
o Add sub-keys to public/private key pairs
o Sign remote users' public keys
o Evaluate results
o Discuss the web of trust functionality
o Create a web of trust with various hosts
o Evaluate trust confirmation
o Discuss the features of OpenPGP Internet key distribution servers
o Generate and upload public keys to an Internet key server
o Download the uploaded public keys to the public keyrings of various hosts
o Evaluate results
* Perl Scripting with GPG
o Discuss features and benefits
o Create a Perl script to backup key directories and files
o Ensure that the script GPG-protects the content post-backup
o Include error-handling to ensure that each step of the script is routed appropriately
o Configure the script to transfer the encrypted content to a remote host ust 'scp'
o Evaluate results
* OpenPGP (GPG | PGP Desktop) on Win32
o Discuss features and benefits
o Download and install GPG for Win32
o Generate usage keys
o Exchange public keys with a user on a Linux system
o Sign and encrypt content to and from the Win32 user
o Confirm results
o Download and install GPG4WIN (GUI-based GPG for Win32)
o Explore features
o Sign and encrypt content to and from the Win32 user
o Confirm results
o Integrate GPG4WIN with MS Outlook
o Sign and encrypt e-mail messages
o Confirm and decrypt e-mail messages
o Install PGP Desktop for Win32
o Explore features and interface
o Generate usage keys
o Exchange public keys with Linux user
o Sign and encrypt content to and from the Win32 user using PGP Desktop
o Evaluate results
o Draw parallels between Win32 based OpenPGP tools and GPG for Linux | Unix
o Recap OpenPGP functionality included in /GPG|GPG4WIN|PGP Desktop/
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