[LinuxCBT] UnixCBT BSD8x Edition (FreeBSD 8.2) [2011, ENG]

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[LinuxCBT] UnixCBT BSD8x Edition (FreeBSD 8.2) [2011, ENG]

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UnixCBT BSD8x Edition (FreeBSD 8.2)
Год выпуска: 2011
Производитель: LinuxCBT
Сайт производителя: http://www.linuxcbt.com
Продолжительность: 40 часов.
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
UnixCBT BSD8x Edition explores the enterprise-ready FreeBSD 8x operating system.
UnixCBT BSD8x Edition prepares you or your organization for successfully deploying and managing business-critical FreeBSD-based server solutions. Let UnixCBT BSD8x Edition teach you what traditional training outlets and other CBTs do not; solid Unix skills!
Recommended Prerequisites:
Open mind & determination to master Unix and related open-source applications
Basic Computing Skills
Basic understanding of networking concepts
Access to FreeBSD to perform all of the installations and exercises

Код: Выделить всё

[b]Introduction to & Installation of FreeBSD Unix[/b]
Explore features of FreeBSD
Perform standard installation
Execute custom installation
Install with multiple disks
Commence FTP, network-based installation
Explore nuances and caveats
Evaluate results
[b]Post-Installation Initialization and Exploration[/b]
Configure X
Install and configure GNOME Desktop
Explore the boot process
Demonstrate usage of the following useful commands & concepts
ls, pwd, cd, cp, mv, rm, mkdir, rmdir, whoami
alias, cat, file, chmod, chown, history
Standard in/out, UNIX Pipes, Redirection, Command Chaining
ps, df, top, kill
less & more, head & tail, find
which & whereis, w, who
tar, gzip, bzip2, zip
Tweak run-time kernel parameters with 'sysctl'
Use 'screen' to maintain persistent TTYs
Explore user management tools
Peruse Unix permissions
Implement symbolic links
Storage Management
Provision additional storage as needed
Migrate file system to new file system
Appropriate SWAP as needed
Configure CCD storage manager with RAID
Explore GVinum storage manager
Take file system snapshots
Implement quotas
Evaluate results
Kernel Compilation
Discuss applicability
Explore kernel environment
Compile new kernel with desired features
Retain original kernel
Evaluate results
Log Management
Peruse model
Configure Syslog
Capture logs from remote sources
Rotate logs
Evaluate results
Cron Scheduler
Explore defaults
Define and schedule tasks
Monitor behavior
Alter configuration accordingly
Pinpoint nuances and caveats
Evaluate results
Common Network Tools
[b]Core Network Services & Configuration[/b]
BSD Service | Daemon Management
Peruse model
Contrast with System V
Explore defaults
Tweak configuration
Enable | Disable Services as needed
Evaluate results
Explore run-time kernel directives
Identify key configuration files
Alter directives to improve performance
Ensure persistence
Evaluate results
IPv[4|6] Configuration
Identify key files and tools
Explore initial configuration
Alter configuration to reflect current events
Evaluate results
Package Management
Discuss model
Explore Ports
Install various packages from source using Ports
Update Ports collection
Install pre-compiled, binary packages
Compare and contrast approaches
Evaluate results
Commonly-used Network Utilities
Discuss and explore critical network client utilities
Network Time Protocol (NTP) Client/Server
Discuss features and benefits
Explore configuration
Configure Network Time Protocol (NTP) to perform client/server time synchronization
Perform one-off synchronizations
Evaluate results
Discuss features and benefits
Enable TELNETD daemon
Use for terminal emulation
Enable TFTPD daemon
Use for quick file transfers
Implement FTP Server
Evaluate FTP client access
Evaluate results
Implement BIND
Explore caching-only configuration
Resolve upstream hosts via caching-only instance
Implement primary DNS server
Configure secondary zone services
Synchronize content with remote BIND host
Setup reverse DNS
Apply to IPv[4|6] accordingly
Evaluate resuls
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) services
Explain the various steps of the DHCP process
Configure global & scope-level DHCP options
Configure IP reservations based on layer 2 MAC addresses
Enable DHCP services
Evaluate client access
Discuss features and benefits
Install and configure
Implement SWAT
Evaluate disparate client access
Ensure persistent configuration
Evaluate results
Discuss features and benefits
Implement exports
Attach remotely
Configure persistence
Evaluate results
[b]Application Services - Unix|Apache|MySQL|PHP (UAMP)[/b]
Web Application Services
Implement Apache Web Server
Examine httpd.conf file directives
Implement virtual directories using Apache and symbollic links
Implement Redirects using Locate and various Apache directives
Configure virtual hosts bound to the primary IP address and port
Configure virtual hosts bound to alternate virtual IP addresses and ports
Implement Apache logging system per virtual host
MySQL Relational Database Management System
Install MySQL Relational Database Management System
Secure access to MySQL
Explore MySQL Terminal Monitor Client
Create sample MySQL database
Install PHPMyAdmin for web-based management of MySQL instances
Explain & Secure access to PHPMyAdmin
Explore PHPMyAdmin's interface
PHP Implementaiton
Discuss features and benefits
Write scripts to enumerate useful PHP | Apache data
Integrate PHP with MySQL
Evaluate results
Postfix MTA
Install Postfix MTA
Introduction to Postfix Message Transfer Agent (MTA)
Use Mutt to demonstrate outbound mail handling using Postfix
Explore Postfix Configuration
Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3)
Explain POP3 concepts and applications
Implement POP3 daemon
Connect to POP3 daemon using Windows client
Use Mutt to send SMTP-based messages to POP3 account
Internet Messaging Access Protocol (IMAP)
Explain IMAP concepts and applications in comparison to POP3
Implement IMAP services
Connect to IMAP services from remote Windows client
[b]Security Implementation Techniques[/b]
GNU Privacy Guard (GPG)
Discuss features and benefits
Use GPG to secure communications
Generate usage keys
Exchange keys and encrypted data with remote user
Evaluate Results
Secure Shell (SSH) Usage
Discuss features and benefits
Identify key SSH clients
Use SSH clients accordingly to secure communications
Explore SSH server configuration
Evaluate Results
Network Mapper (NMAP)
Install current version of NMAP
Identify commonly used NMAP options/switches/parameters
Perform default TCP SYN-based ethical scans of local and remote resources
Explain typical TCP handshake protocol while using NMAP
Perform default TCP Connect-based ethical scans of local and remote resources
Peform local ethical scans
Identifiy key NMAP configuration files
Use NMAP to perform operating system fingerprinting and versioning
Peform subnet-wide ethical scans
System Lockdown
Discuss typical company policy
Identify superfluous services | daemons
Execute lockdown accordingly
Generate security baseline with NMap
Ensure lockdown persistence
Evaluate results
Explain features and benefits
Capture myriad traffic
Archive traffic for post-mortem analyses
Apply BPFs as needed
Evaluate results
Discuss features and benefits
Explore interface
Capture arbitrary packets and examine
Peruse tcpdump captures
Archive interesting packet streams
Evaluate results
Packet Filter (PF) Firewall
Discuss features and benefits
Intro to PF concepts and structure
Define PF firewall rules based on lockdown policy
Enable PF logging and peruse captures
Ensure persistence
Evaluate results
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