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Photoshop CS6 for Photographers New Features
Год выпуска: 2012
Производитель: Lynda.com
Автор: Chris Orwig
Продолжительность: 3:12 ч
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: This course explores the newest version of Adobe Photoshop from a photographer’s perspective—helping users of previous Photoshop versions make upgrade decisions and get up to speed with CS6. Author Chris Orwig covers the improvements to Camera Raw, from the expanded exposure controls to the upgraded Adjustment Brush and Lens Correction tools, as well as the many enhancements to Photoshop. He covers the new Layers panel behavior, which makes renaming and organizing layers almost effortless; new image adjustment techniques, such as on-the-fly Liquify adjustments, content-aware retouching, photorealistic blur effects, configurable light sources, and redefined nondestructive cropping; plus the brand-new ability to edit video in Photoshop. This course promises to get photographers excited—and informed—about what's in store for them in Photoshop CS6.
Topics include:
* Getting familiar with the new interface
* Exploring improvements to Bridge and Mini Bridge
* Recovering highlights and improving exposure with Camera Raw
* Making precise raw adjustments with the Point Tone Curve
* Grouping, filtering, and finding layers
* Correcting distortion with Adaptive Wide Angle controls
* Working with the new Content-Aware tools
* Making better selections
* Performing perspective cropping
* Getting started with video in Photoshop
* Making picture-perfect prints with the Print dialog
Welcome 02m 08s
Welcome 01m 25s
Using the exercise files 00m 43s
1. Getting to Know the New Photoshop 12m 23s
Getting familiar with and customizing the interface 03m 26s
Arranging photos and choosing Screen Mode options 02m 06s
Selecting a workspace 02m 47s
Introducing Auto-Save and Background Save 04m 04s
2. Improvements in Bridge and Mini Bridge 08m 23s
Creating a contact sheet in Bridge or Photoshop 04m 02s
Working with Mini Bridge 04m 21s
3. Adobe Camera Raw Improvements 31m 23s
Introducing the new basic tone controls 03m 18s
Learning about the basic controls 03m 42s
Enhancing and correcting your images with more power 03m 35s
Updating the processed version of legacy files 03m 11s
Adding midtone contrast with a better Clarity control 04m 20s
Utilizing the new Adjustment Brush features 04m 59s
Painting away moiré patterns 02m 40s
Making precise adjustments with the Point Tone Curve panel 03m 39s
Using lens corrections to remove color fringing 01m 59s
4. Increased Flexibility with the Layers Panel 28m 49s
Applying layer style effects to a group 02m 24s
Working with groups and filtering 07m 50s
Blending and renaming layers 05m 46s
Free transforming a layer with the Bicubic Automatic interpolation option 05m 28s
Filtering and finding layers 04m 15s
Using a shortcut to change the fill and opacity of a layer 03m 06s
5. Working with the Blur Gallery 12m 37s
Adding Field Blur 03m 24s
Working with Iris Blur 03m 55s
Enhancing photographs with the Tilt-Shift Blur tool 05m 18s
6. Using the New Content-Aware Tools 21m 24s
Making content-aware corrections with the Patch tool 04m 33s
Using the Content-Aware Move tool 07m 03s
Making effective selections for Content-Aware Move 06m 54s
Finishing the project and extending the canvas 02m 54s
7. Making General Image Adjustments 43m 29s
Using the Properties panel 03m 04s
Making automatic adjustments 06m 04s
Cropping redefined 06m 09s
Using perspective cropping 02m 48s
Adding a light source with Lighting Effects 06m 26s
Working with Liquify in real time 02m 52s
Making adjustments with the Adaptive Wide Angle filter 07m 22s
Using Face-Aware Mask Generation 03m 01s
Sizing images with the Bicubic Automatic interpolation option 01m 53s
Changing brush characteristics and making paths 03m 50s
8. Editing Video in Photoshop 27m 06s
Getting started with video in Photoshop 05m 45s
Adding typography and audio to a video project 05m 13s
Working with multiple clips 04m 41s
Adding audio and transitions and exporting the final project 06m 21s
Thinking creatively about working with video 05m 06s
9. Making Picture-Perfect Prints 04m 23s
Working with the new Print dialogue 04m 23s
Conclusion 00m 33s
Goodbye 00m 33s
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Аудио: AAC 48kHz 1ch 96Kbps





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